5 Tips for a Scary Good Veterinary Practice Halloween Party

Looking to build fierce loyalty and lasting relationships with your practice’s clients? Make it fun to do business with you! After all, the pet world is a funny, loving, warm and fuzzy world, and it pays to celebrate and support the pet-people bonds in your town.

Halloween is a great time to offer a fun time — and excellent service — to the pet owners in your community… and to stand apart from other practices.

Here are 5 tips to make your Halloween party “scary good;” something your clients will love and remember, making it worthwhile for them and for you.


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Count on Shorter Lead Times for Your Veterinary Medical Equipment

About 18 months ago, we posted a blog entry that explained how a three-month lead-time is the general rule of thumb when working with your contractor to specify and order veterinary work centers, cabinets, kennels, and other equipment.

We mentioned that practice owners and architects have been surprised by the length of time it can take from design to completion when building or renovating a practice… and sometimes this can be a cause of frustration.

The great news is — today our lead-time is typically shorter than three months for most veterinary medical equipment and supplies. Now our team can accommodate most production schedules. See what this means to you. 


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Make These 3 Open House Tips a Part of Your Veterinary Business Plan

Veterinary open houses – are they worth doing? Do they really bring in new business, and most importantly, more revenue?

Some clinics would say no, open houses haven’t worked for them. Other practices love opening their doors for a local pet-parent celebration during the holidays or as an annual neighborhood event.

So what’s the difference between the clinic teams that feel Open Houses are “totally worth it” versus “a waste of time?” Let’s find out.

Here are 3 Open House ideas we found that really work as part of a smart veterinary business plan.


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