Veterinary Equipment Solutions in Stainless Steel
The Feline-Friendly Veterinary Equipment Theme at 2016 Trade Shows

Wandering through the 650+ exhibit hall booths at the NAVC Conference 2016 as well as the 500+ booths at the Western Veterinary Conference 2016… we were struck by the many exciting innovations presented in the field of animal care, from breakthrough diagnostic tests to the latest in wearable “smart” technology. We were proud to display our new and ever-popular veterinary equipment among them, showing how we can save you time, steps and even your back.

But as we walked through the halls and also scanned the scientific programs, one thing stood out as a recurring theme from exhibitors and speakers alike:

This is the year of advanced cat care and feline-friendly practices. Here’s how our TriStar Vet team supports your exceptional cat care efforts.

If you’re taking a look at your practice from a fresh “feline-friendly practice” perspective, consider the many ways your team can provide the best experience for cat owners and their pets.


  1. Separate the entrance and waiting area so there’s a cat-only section. It’s a no-brainer if you have a separate outside entrance door. But if you don’t, a simple fix is to set up a colorful room divider panel that steers cat owners to a discrete lobby waiting area instead of just a general open area where cats are faced with curious dogs approaching their carriers.
  1. Designate certain exam rooms as “cat-only” spaces to reduce stress on cats. When you have high-quality stainless steel exam tables and cabinets in your practice, it’s a breeze to transition certain rooms into cat-only exam areas. That’s because heavy-duty, welded stainless steel veterinary tables never trap fur or dander. They wipe completely clean in a snap… so cats won’t detect the fact that dogs once used those rooms.TriStar Vet photo: We designed our stainless steel and colorful powder-coated cat condos to include perch, play and rest areas with exclusive urine-retaining front edges and vertical portals to prevent dripping into lower units
  1. Create “feline-friendly” treatment areas. The same goes for treatment areas. Unlike cheap stainless steel or composite laminates, top-quality stainless steel treatment areas, work surfaces, cabinets and sinks are highly sanitary and can be wiped clean of all dog odors. And, welded door edges never warp or slam shut. This creates a quieter door.
  1. Establish separate cat recovery/boarding areas. Cats will likely have a MUCH more comfortable recovery and boarding experience when placed in an area that’s completely separate from dogs. In addition, cat recovery and boarding cages are inherently different than dog cages, with different needs. For instance, we designed our stainless steel and colorful powder-coated cat condos to include perch, play and rest areas with exclusive urine-retaining front edges and vertical portals to prevent dripping into lower units… and our separate kitty litter shield keeps litter away from the living area.
  1. Consider playing classical music softly in the background in your cat recovery area.

In 2015, scientists determined that cats are soothed by classical music. Who knew? It’s worth a try, especially in a busy, somewhat noisy practice.

If you’d like to explore any of these veterinary equipment solutions for a feline-friendly practice… contact us for assistance at 877.459.7827 or

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